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The random hockey related mumblings of an ECHL lover and Florida Everblades blogger (

(Penguins, Panthers and Wild fan too)

Basically, an all-around improper lady.
Posts I Like

Our newest #Everblades player, Geoff Walker, in his 1st player interview. (trying something new)

This is what greeted me when I opened up my #Sabra hummus cup. Is the universe useing hummus as a form of communication now?

Another view of the #Everblades Guns and Hoses jerseys. #ECHL

The #Everblades Guns and Hoses speciality jerseys are too cute. #ECHL

What do you get a lady who loves #Pintrest and #BubbleGum? A bub-quet in a mason jar vase of course!

(I almost called it a blow-quet, but that sounded too dirty)

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