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Nice to see the Everblades gain a sense of humor. August 8-10 is their free agent camp, btw.

The week flew by, didn’t it? Before we know it, season will be here.Anyway, here’s a fresh helping of your weekly links!

- If you haven’t read the inspiring story of the Everblades newest forward, Chris Kushneriuk, you really should. It’s going to be thrilling to watch his comeback story night in and night out.

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today is about a team with one heck of a name: Buffal…

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Looks like Matt Pistilli is looking to be the Everblades new cat lady now that Royzie left us.

A friend gave me a box of delicious #Mangoes. I’m honestly so happy about it I could cry.

Korean hockey, angry polar bears, and Braaaains, oh my!

I bet you thought I was lying when I said I was back? Well, here I am, and here’s your (very belated) dose of fresh links:

- Your Wikipedia hockey page for today: Anyang Halla.

- Today is the start of the North American Roller Hockey Championships at Germain. Have I mentioned it’s totally free?

- If that’s not your thing, maybe zombies are? The Ft. Myers Miracle are having a Zombie night that…

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Oh man. Zombie night?! I might have to go to my first baseball game in years you guys.

My beach read for today is an old favorite I highly recommend :-) #HockeyInTheSouth